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Innovating the Office: Technology Trends Changing the Workplace

Seattle Magazine  /  2.9.18

The way we work is changing, and, not surprisingly, technology is playing a big part in that shift. Conversation about the workplace almost always starts with technology. Indeed, technology is the enabling factor that allows anybody, anytime, to complete work from almost anywhere. As technology is further embedded into the office, it will continue to help people work and think more effectively and efficiently.

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Top 10 Tech Transformations for a Smarter Home

Seattle Magazine  /  1.11.18

The concept of the smart home is no longer reserved for sci-fi flicks and Jetson-esque cartoons, which just a few short years ago may have seemed lifetimes away. Increasingly more homes are becoming connected, intelligent, and changing the way we live our daily lives, moving us closer to the once fictionalized idea of a technologically advanced home. As demand for smarter homes increases, these ten trends are quickly weaving their way into home design across the Puget Sound and beyond.

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Seattle Homebuilding: 10 Things to Consider for Custom Construction

Seattle Magazine / 12.22.17

Throughout the Puget Sound region, buyers are navigating an incredibly competitive market, facing issues such as multiple offers, mismatched life schedules, and the right product but the wrong location. Luxury builder, JayMarc Homes, shares the secrets of delivering results in a competitive housing market.

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The Condo Conundrum: 10 Reasons Why There's a 'For Sale' Shortage in Seattle

Seattle Magazine / 12.14.17

Seattle is the fastest-growing large city in the US with home prices rising more than any other metro area in the nation. That means developers are building new condominiums at a record clip, right?  Nope, it’s actually the opposite. There is currently a real shortage of in-city condominiums, resulting in high median home prices, rising by 19-percent year-over-year in November 2017 to $660,000 – about the same value as the median home price in King County.

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10 Home Design Trends Making a Statement in Seattle

Seattle Magazine / 12.07.17

The tech industry has planted deep roots in the greater Seattle area, and it was only going to be a matter of time before it made its mark on housing. It has been a lot of fun to integrate more innovative technology into our homes, such as “smart” thermostats and remote lighting controls. But, just as transitional design fuses modern materials with more classic architectural design, cutting-edge components are seamlessly integrated within tried-and-true planning to deliver the best of both worlds. After all, who would want to live inside a server room?

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10 Most Prominent Transportation Initiatives in Puget Sound

Seattle Magazine / 11.27.17

Seattle's growth comes with a price for commuters, which will test our patience and potentially change where and how we live.

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Seattle Listed as #1 City for Chinese Homebuyers

Seattle Magazine / 11.16.17

Ni Hao, Seattle! We’re number one in the eyes of mainland Chinese homebuyers exploring overseas investment in real estate. That’s according to Juwai.com, a popular home search site within China, and this finding is tracking with other data points according to local brokers that specialize in international homebuyers.

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The Workplace Renaissance: Designing Spaces for Workers, Not Work

Seattle Magazine / 11.3.17

Office design is changing for the better with companies like Seattle's ATLAS Workbase leading the way. Bill Sechter, CEO ATLAS Workbase shares his insights. The way we look at office design in changing. Traditional concepts of the "office" are becoming less relevant as more professionals seek a workplace that fosters creativity and satisfaction. Companies must now provide workers with the ways they need and want to work to appeal to their greater sense of purpose.

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10 Game-Changing Policies and Drivers Affecting Development in the Puget Sound

Seattle Magazine / 10.30.17

Perhaps it's living together in a place of such abundant beauty and economic opportunity that brings out so many competing ideas about what our city and the region should look like, how people should live and commute, and what powers goverment should exert. William Hillis, Broker and Research Editor at Realogics Sotheby's International Realty breaks down what this means for the future of Seattle and its surroundings. 


Prepare to be moved: FutureCast Forum explores Seattle housing in 2020 & beyond

Geekwire / 10.26.17

Things are looking up, Seattle! That’s the clear consensus of market pundits tracking the extraordinary growth of jobs, population and development into 2020 and beyond. Nowhere is this growth more evident than in downtown Seattle. These were just a few of many findings during the October 23rd meeting of the FutureCast Forumheld at the NEXUS Sales Center – a new, 41-story condominium tower that is rising in the northeast corner of city.

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Millennials Do Want to Own Homes in Seattle, But Can They?

Seattle Magazine / 10.19.17

Millennials do want to own homes in Seattle, but can they? FutureCast Forum member, loan consultant and branch manager Trevor Bennett outlines how Caliber Home Loans is catering to the city's unique real estate micro-climate to make homeownership possible.


A Great Liquidation Event: Predicting the Future of Real Estate as Baby Boomers Retire

Seattle Magazine / 10.13.17

FutureCast Forum member and wealth manager, Brian Evans, road-maps the opportunity for Delaware Statutory Trusts allowing landlords to divest, diversify and downsize in retirement.


What the Seattle Boom Means for Residential Buyers, Lenders & Developers

BISNOW / 10.09.17

Following the recent "Seattle State of the Market" event, BISNOW held an after-hours cocktail event at MG2 where the FutureCast Forum explored the future of greater Seattle and what the Seattle boom means for residential buyers, lenders and developers. 

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Seattle's Scorching Housing Market Joining the Ranks of Global Cities

Seattle Magazine / 10.06.17

Seattle's scorching housing market is joining the ranks of global cities as market experts share their opinions on Seattle's meteoric future as a global city on the rise. Scores of guests assembled at MG2 Architecture in downtown Seattle during an evening reception on September 28th about the future of the Seattle and Bellevue metro area in the next decade. The town hall-like event was a continuation of provocative conversations started during the BISNOW "State of the Market" event hosted earlier in the week, which was attended by more than 400 industry stakeholders and local media. 


Seattle Sees The Future, & It's Tech-Driven

BISNOW / 10.02.17

BISNOW re-capped their 2017 Seattle State of the Market event including a panel presentation by the FutureCast Forum, writing that the "panel started off by offering some stats about the local economy and how it will affect the residential real estate market. About 50,000 new jobs have been added in each of the last two years, a tremendous amount." 

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The FutureCast Forum: The Future is Near. Plan with Perspective.

Puget Sound Business Journal / 9.29.17

The print edition of PSBJ featured a "Thought Leader Forum" series with real estate and financial industry leaders from The FutureCast Forum including Dean Jones, Owner, Realogics Sotheby's International Realty; Trevor Bennett, Branch Manager, Caliber Home Loans; Christian Chan, Executive Vice President, Burrard Group; Brian O'Connor, Owner & Principal, O'Connor Consulting Group; and Marc Rousso, CEO, JayMarc Homes.

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FutureCast Forum's After Hours Event Furthers a Discussion About Seattle in 2020 & Beyond

FutureCast Forum / 9.28.17

Scores of guests assembled at MG2 Architecture in downtown Seattle during an evening reception on September 28th about the future of the Seattle and Bellevue metro area in the next decade. The town hall-like event was a continuation of provocative conversations started during the BISNOW “State of the Market” event hosted earlier in the week, which was attended by more than 400 industry stakeholders and local media.

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Questions Industry Leaders Are Asking About the Future of Seattle & Bellevue

Seattle Magazine / 9.28.17

Questions Industry Leaders are Asking About the Future of Seattle and Bellevue: Realogics' FutureCast Forum sparks conversation about Seattle and Bellevue's trajectory in 2020 and beyond. 


Tom Alberg, Ada Healey & Martin Selig weigh in on Amazon's HQ2

PSBJ / 9.27.17

Three prominent Seattle business leaders on Tuesday explained why they don’t think Seattle’s hard-charging economy is threatened by Amazon.com Inc’s decision to seek a site for a second North American headquarters.

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The FutureCast Forum: Experts Discuss the Evolution of Seattle & Bellevue

Seattle Magazine   /   9.21.17

In the first of a series of features Seattle Magazine reports that Realogics has assembled market prognosticators to discuss emerging trends and projected growth of the Seattle/Bellevue metro area by 2020 and beyond.

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Realogics Sotheby's International Realty & Seattle Magazine Sign Exclusive Real Estate Portal with SeattleMag.com; Announce Content Syndication

PR Web  /  9.21.17

Representatives of Realogics Sotheby's International Realty and Tiger Oak Media, publisher of Seattle Magazine, announced a new real estate portal to host content in monthly print editions and online every week with SeattleMag.com. 

Press Release 1.jpg

Realogics Sotheby's International Realty Assembles Market Prognosticators & Announces FutureCast Forum at Bisnow's "Future of Downtown Seattle" Event on August 24, 2017

PR Web  /  8.24.17

Representatives of Realogics, Inc. announced the establishment of The FutureCast Forum, which will help document and articulate our regional growth trajectory, discuss the issues and opportunities and measure the market.