Aquatic Adventures

In most large U.S. cities, residents must travel miles (if not further), to enjoy an authentic outdoor experience. But in Seattle’s urban-rural juxtaposition landscape, miles of travel are not required. Surrounded by bays, sounds, and lakes, the Emerald City (nickname derived from its lush forests) offers a variety of water activities

Boating has always been a cornerstone of Seattle’s culture through commerce, economic contribution, and, now as we see more and more wealth flood the city, recreation. Seattle has always been tied to the maritime industry with it playing an influential part of the city’s history with pleasure boating taking on a new prominent role in the city’s culture.

With water access always around the corner, Seattle is the perfect place to boat, exploring interesting harbors and fair wind trends in the spring and fall.

Seattle boating is not limited to industry and pleasure, but lifestyle, as well. With its fame soaring after the debut on the silver screen in Sleepless in Seattle, houseboats create their own neighborhoods at each dock, whether located on Lake Union or Portage Bay.

Outdoor rental businesses dotting the shores provide immediate access to paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing. Top aquatic destinations include Elliott Bay, Lake Washington, Lake Union, and Green Lake, which are all accessible from downtown.